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For camps what is your teacher to child ratio?


We will always maintain a ratio of 4 dancers for 1 teacher. In most cases, it will be a 3:1 ratio. 

Where exactly is class? 


Can I come to class without registering online?


Yes! You are more than welcome to drop-in to class without registering. Take a look at our schedule, find the option that works best for you, drop-in rate is $28 and can be paid upon arrival via cash app, Venmo, or CC/ Debit card. And we will see you in class! You can find the specific location for classes here!

What should my child wear to class?


Anything comfortable to move in is appropriate for dance class. Sneakers are recommended for dancing in the grass. Tutus, dance shoes, leotards, and tights are not required.

My child is three years old which class is the most appropriate?


This is a great question! 3-year-olds motor and development skills can be so different! Caretakers and parents have a much better understanding of your child's development and what works best for them! The parent-toddler class does include 3-year-olds. Below are description of the parent toddler class and creative dance. We understand each child has a different way of learning and succeeding, therefore we are okay with your three year old taking either class, as long as you feel it is a good fit for them!


  • Creative Dance for 4-5 yr olds: This class is for dancers independent of their grown-up. Their caretakers will be welcome to watch the class or get coffee during class. The class will focus on a range of techniques, storytelling through movement, and choreography. The class is structured in the following order: beginning with a cardio warm-up, strengthening exercises sitting down, ballet choreography,  storytelling through movement, and choreography to end. 


  • Parent toddler 18months -3 yr old: This class is for dancers who are ready to explore music, dancing, and choreography. The use of props will help us learn musical dynamics, movement qualities, balance, and strength. These classes also aim to help dancers achieve fine and gross motor skills.

What are your COVID-19 procedures and policies?


All of our policies can be found here: including our cancellation policy, health and safety policies, and inclement weather policy.

In light of COVID-19, we will be taking the following steps to ensure our community's health and safety.

Classes will be conducted outside in the open air.

Masks are optional for all participants in our outdoor classes. If classes are indoors participants who are fully vaccinated are mask optional, if the class is younger than 5 years old we will all wear masks. 

 Jillian will provide hand sanitizer during class. In the confirmation of registration, Jillian will email the list of props for parent-toddler participants to bring. For creative dance, there will sometimes be a "no-touch" obstacle course.


While registering, participants must agree to a health check form, which states that any dancer participating has had zero symptoms of COVID-19 and has not been in contact with anyone with the virus for 10 days.

If someone in class contracts COVID-19, all participants from that class will be notified and cannot participate in dance for 10 days. All participants in the COVID-19 positive class will receive a full refund.


Please note that classes will follow the CDC's guidelines and are subject to change as new information comes out. If there is a mandatory shut down or a stay-at-home order, all will be refunded.

What is your inclement weather policy?


All of our policies can be found here: including our cancellation policy, health and safety policies, and inclement weather policy.



Camps are ALL-WEATHER programs. In extreme inclement weather, we may need to cancel or shorten the day’s session. This will only occur as a last resort and only if children’s comfort and safety are significantly compromised by rain, thunderstorm activity, or severe heat.

In the rare case that we cancel due to bad weather DURING the camp day, you will be notified by text and email to pick up your child.

If we cancel the full day, we will run the day’s session online. Notifications about cancellations due to inclement weather will be sent via email no later than 8 am in the morning. While we seek to have an optional indoor location, it is not secured yet.


Outdoor Class Rain Policy: We will be remaining outside unless the weather is severe.

In the event of severe rain, heat over 100 degrees, or cold under 35 degrees we will:

Add a week onto the end of the semester for full-semester students

If a drop-in, we will bump your registration to the following week.

**All weather decisions will be made by two hours before class and sent to parents via email to the primary address on your Sawyer account

PLEASE NOTE: Refunds or credits not available due to weather changes. If class is running, we cannot offer refunds or credits if the client prefers to not attend. As we will always offer alternate dates for any classes canceled due to severe weather, no refunds or credits will be granted for canceled classes.”

Can I register for more than one class?

Pencil and notepad

Yes! For all classes, you have the option of dropping into class or signing up for the full semester. You can register for the full semester even after it begins; you will receive a pro-rated discount for any of the classes you missed.

I signed up for class but now I am unable to come, what should I do? 



If you registered for a class, and now cannot attend, you must email Miss Jillian to request a cancellation. If a cancellation is 48 hours in advance, a full refund or make-up class will be issued. If your cancellation is less than 48 hours in advance, we understand things happen. You can email Miss Jillian for a partial refund of 50% or schedule a make-up class. In the event of sickness, we prefer you to stay home and rest, please email Miss Jillian to schedule a make-up class.


You can transfer camp to another day/week with no penalty. 
Any requests for camp cancellations or changes must be made at least 2 weeks in advance. These requests will receive a refund or credit for any Move with Miss Jillian's activity minus a 5% processing fee. A partial refund of 50% will be issued for cancellations less than two weeks in advance. 


All of our policies can be found here: including our cancellation policy, healthy and safety policies, and inclement weather policy.

Will you travel to a park closer to me? 


Yes! If you cannot find a location that suits you, we will do our very best to make our way to a location that best fits your needs. Please contact us here to let us know where you would like a dance class.

What are your plans for the fall and winter?


We will continue our drop-in and semester classes throughout the upcoming months! You can find our classes and register now online! Take a look at our classes here.

Please note for the summer we offer day camps, in the fall and spring outdoor dance, and in the winter we will move indoors for dancing. 

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