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“I honestly never would have guessed how influential these classes would be. It’s insane and amazing and so so beautiful!”


—  Mom of 3 year old

Meet Miss Jillian


Jillian Greenberg " Miss Jillian"

Dance Educator and Early Childhood Expert

"I'm Miss Jillian, an early childhood dance teacher. With the limits of programs due to Covid-19, I wanted to create a small in-person class space to continue providing dance education and exploration for dancers and families!


I  have studied dance education at the University of Hartford, graduating with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts with an emphasis on dance pedagogy. For the past seven years, I  have focused all my energy on dance and its positive impact on childhood development. "



Move with Miss Jillian has been created not only to share the joy of movement with others, but to help build community, through dancing with our heart, body, and mind. 


How do we dance with our heart, mind, and body? 

By using the medium of dance, Move with Miss Jillian aims to create dancers whose hearts are compassionate, empathetic, joyful, and open; minds that are eager and ready to learn; and healthy, energetic bodies. Dancing itself can increase kinesthetic memory, grades, cooperation, and confidence. All classes have embedded elements of alignment, agility, cardio, balance, and core stabilization to help us live in our best body!

Move with Miss Jillian takes our core values to heart by making sure we are always putting our community first. 20% of all proceeds are donated back to local and national organizations that are helping others. We are also making sure that we are offering financial aid and hope to provide free dance classes to underserved communities in the near future. To learn more, visit our community page.

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The Classes


Ages: 18 months- 3 years old 

This class is for ages 18 months to 3 but this is fun for the whole family!  

The class will focus on the heart, body, and mind. Guiding our heart to kindness, joy, promoting cooperation, collaboration, and respect for oneself and others. Training our body by emphasizing stability in a child's core muscles, balance, and agility.  And focusing our mind to grow motor skills, coordination, and kinesthetic memory. But above all finding love, light, and joy in our movement!

Creative Dance

Ages: 4-5 years old

The class will focus on modern and ballet techniques.  Classes will begin with a warm-up which will include elements of stretching and strengthening, emphasizing stability in a child's core muscles, balance, and agility. Classes will focus on choreography, improvisation, and composition. Children will walk away from the class with development in motor skills, coordination,  kinesthetic memory, cooperation, and respect for oneself and others.

Ballet or Modern 

Ages: 6 and up 

The class will focus on ballet or modern techniques. Classes will begin with a warm-up, which will include elements of strengthening, balance, and agility. 

Ballet technique classes will focus on proper alignment, healthy turnout from the hips, and musicality.

Modern technique classes will focus on a blend of Límon, Graham, and contemporary techniques. Development of dancers' composition and choreography.

Private Lessons

All Ages

For one on one counseling and attention, private lessons are available for anyone!


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